The Problem With... Enrique Iglesias' "Tonight"

A quarter of a year has passed since Enrique Iglesias released his first hit in a couple of years with "I Like It."

I didn't like it then

, and I don't like it now.

With his latest material, Iglesias seems to be throwing off the suave, mysterious Latin male facade he utilized for so long and replacing it with an authentic and candid douchebag role.

His latest single, "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)," is as forthright and douchey as an artist can get.

This track starts off with electronic yodeling followed by the Latin-Caribbean House beat -- you know it, the one that makes even Pitbull sound good.

But, as the track movies along, it becomes clear that Iglesias swiped a few things to make this track -- namely, the theme from Biggie's track "Fucking You Tonight," and four pop chords that sound incredibly familiar.

The lyrics, meanwhile, offer fodder for guys testing out pickup lines: "If I never lied, then you'd be the truth" and "Winter an' summer time / When I get you on the springs, I'mma make you fall" are just two of the more cringe-worthy efforts.

Cut Ludacris some slack for showing up in the track -- his career is based off of being outspoken. No surprises there.

But, then again, hearing Luda on this track only reminds me of the sort of friend who eggs you on and gives you bad advice on how to pick up women. I can hear it now: "C'mon, dude. Bitches love men who are blunt and honest." His efforts are partially motivated to give you confidence, but mostly motivated by his desire to laugh when a woman rejects you. Think Romany Malco's character from The 40 Year Old Virgin.

No one would dare laugh at a suave Iglesias' attempts to pick up women. Except, well, in this instance. Luda aside.

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