The Problem With... "OMG" by Usher

OMFG! Did anyone else hear the new Usher single, "OMG?" It makes me ROFLMAO.

I know Usher is going through a tough time this year, but he must have been burning something to write a single such as this...

This single comes after the previous "Hey Daddy (Daddy's Home)", a song whose sexual theme has obvious Freudian characteristics. Doesn't Usher have kids of his own? Hope they don't find out too soon that the song isn't about them...

Usher's latest works deviate wildly from my past expectations of the artist as a suave R&B crooner that tried to court Brandy in Moesha and makes suburban husbands jealous. This single and some of the latest album (Raymond v. Raymond) makes Usher sound more like a post-"Sexyback" electro-pop wannabe--and there are way too many of those out there at the moment.

So, WTF? One of them is featured in the track? That's right, folks: will.i.am. strikes again. Some of his lazy lyrical flourishes end up in this song ("Honey got a booty like pow, pow, pow / Honey got some boobies like wow, oh wow") and the canned crowd vocals behind the chorus are made to be reproduced in live shows. Basically: That's exactly why you should save it for live shows instead of putting it into the track.

TTYL, folks.

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