The Problem With... Trey Songz's "Bottom's Up" feat. Nicki Minaj

If you're his neighbor,

you already know his name

. If you're everyone else,

you know him as the inventor of sex


He's Trey Songz, y'all. And he wants to rock!

You know, I didn't think I'd ever trash a Trey Songz track.

To be honest, I kind of really like his whole smooth-lover R&B bluster. Since most of Usher's singles are forgettable dancefloor tunes these days, I'd say that Songz is now the vanguard for legitimate R&B on the charts.

Really: This is the kind of music that gets people in the mood for making love--or, at the very least, dry humping.

Wanna know what else? His tracks better pull off a contemporary electronic sound better than Usher's recent singles do.

So when I heard that Songz had a new single on the charts--and that it wasn't about him only popping champagne cause he got that dough--well, I was disappointed.

Where's the class, Trey?

But back to this song: "Bottom's Up" seems on its face a party song with some southern R&B influence. Unfortunately, there's none of that suave bragging we've come to expect from Trey.

As a result, it doesn't feel like a Trey track.

Plus, a few scattered lines by Songz makes me think he's got some crazy stories about his nightlife. Take, for one example: "Now I got a chicken and a goose in the ride." Or take this other one: "We drunk, so let me be your alcohol hero."

And what do you know, my favorite eyelash-implants girl Nicki Minaj shows up on this track, too. As is par for course with this one, another weird set of lines gets in the way of her otherwise good emcee delivery. Get this: "Rest in peace to Ana Nicole Smith / Yes my dear you're so explosive / Say hi to Mary and Joseph."

What the deuce? Why would anyone stick such a deep commemoration into a party track?

The bigger problem, though, is this: When I hear this song, I keep thinking back to that annoying Jamie Foxx track "Blame It."

You just know that all the drunk people at the clubs will shout out lines from this track and ruin your awesome nightclub conversation when it plays.

Hmmm. Maybe every Trey Songz track is really just about being obnoxious.

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