The Problem With...Maroon 5's "Misery"

It appears that Maroon 5 is coming back this fall with a new album.

Maroon 5 was at their height with two tracks in 2004, "This Love" and "She Will Be Loved." Both songs had taken their toll on us as we heard them for a couple of years after their release.

Their latest single, "Misery," delivers their usual game: dissonant songs that combine sad breakup lyrics and cheery light rock with funk influences. Unfortunately, nothing has changed.

Yes, I also would be on their case if they pulled out Autotune in order to stay relevant. The "Oh Yeah" at the beginning kind of scared me that way.

However, "Misery" sounds like they just retooled "This Love."

Who knows--maybe they'll get a Grammy for Best Derivative Work By a Group or Duo. No small feat, since a lot of artists this year are in the running for it.

The video portrays vocalist Adam Levine getting roughed up by a woman along with scenes of random violence that ends up afflicting the rest of the band. The entire video looks like something out of a sexy/funny jeans commercial from the '90s. It "Makes Me Wonder" if the '90s are coming back. You know what that means, dudes and dudettes: Backwards caps and fanny packs are cool again!

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