See? Our caption-writing was always fairly lackluster!
See? Our caption-writing was always fairly lackluster!

This Week In Dallas Music History: The Starck Club Opens, And, Dammit, We Like What We're Seeing.

The Starck Club embodied the myths of club debauchery in 1980s Dallas. The fact that a 1986 raid on the club propelled it to national notoriety as an ecstasy hub probably helps.

The club closed its doors in the Summer of 1989. I guess the eccentric European architecture from the guy that put his name on the club couldn't hold the hype.

This week in 1984, John Branch reviewed the then-newly-opened Starck Club for the cover of Observer's March 8-21 edition (turns out we only came out every other week back then, go figure). His take? The club was still dusty with plaster, and the acoustics were a bit off.

But Branch still managed to take interest in the voyeuristic restroom stalls made of glass bricks and the wide stairway to the dance floor--y'know, for those epic movie entrances we all dream of doing.

A few other venues have kicked off and closed down in the Starck's plce at the address, including, Metro5, Area 51 and a short-lived Starck reboot during the Rave years. The most recent venue at the address? Rembrandt's Dutch Pub, which closed down a few months ago .

Since closing, two dueling documentaries have been made on the legendary venue: Warriors of the Discotheque and the still-upcoming Starck the Documentary.

After the jump, some scans to jog your memory...


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