Video: Dead Week Print Show at Rubber Gloves

Back at the end of April, before the Dead Week Print Show at Rubber Gloves, I asked Peopleodian's James Washington about Forever Home, his new project with Bad Design's John Gillespie: [It's] Peopleodian's idiot twin, a miserable and mangled mockery of the Peopleodian aesthetic. Gone are the drums, the guitar, the voice, all replaced by plastic. And I think it's got something to do with animals.

"The project is still very new, and there's a lot I don't know about it, including its place on the project/side-project scale. It started as a way to approach a similar sound from different angles, to be sillier, and to play some shows that Peopleodian could not."

Peopleodian's drummer Chris Bryan shot this video of the April 26 show, and it's some pretty cool footage of the night's three acts: Forever Home, Diamond Age and Pinkish Black.

You can check out Diamond Age tomorrow at Double Wide, with Peopleodian and Def Rain; Pinkish Black is on the bill for Rubber Gloves' 15th anniversary show, also tomorrow.

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