Watch: David Ramirez feat. Summer Ames -- "Argue With Heaven"

Austin's David Ramirez, who


magazine once called "the best damn songwriter you don't know yet," if

his website

is to be believed, is no stranger to Dallas. Seems like the dude, who once upon a time attended Dallas Baptist University, is here every other month (at least) playing various shows about town -- and even a CD release or two if memory serves.

And he was here this month, too, in town for the ever-growing Dallas International Film Festival, where the Dallas-set independent movie Between Notes, in which Ramirez stars and performs the bulk of the music material the film is heavy on, got premiered and then screened again a couple days later.

Our own Merritt Martin saw it. Dug it, too: "Very sweet," she says. Not really hard to see why upon watching the trailer, which we've posted for your viewing pleasure after the jump. Kinda looks like Dallas' very own Once, which, I think it's safe to say, is clearly what the film-makers were going for. Anyway, watch it. Among the area landmarks you'll see: Reverchon Park, Opening Bell Coffee and the Mitchell Lofts in Deep Ellum.

The above clip, though, is a little different. Filmed in just a single take at Mockingbird Station during the festival, the video features Ramirez performing the film's song "Argue With Heaven" with Dallas' own Summer Ames, who collaborated with Ramirez on the film's music (despite her not actually appearing in the movie, at least not in a lead role). That, too, is well worth your time.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.