Watch Deep Blue Something Busking at Off-Site Kitchen

Do you remember Denton in the '90s? Okay, so you may not have been around for that (and, if you're attending UNT right now, you may have only barely been born.) But you almost definitely remember "Breakfast at Tiffany's," the hit song by Denton natives Deep Blue Something — who happen to be featured in the latest episode of the Dallas Observer's busking series, done in conjunction with Globetrek Productions.

Fronted by Todd Pipes, the band has been getting active again over the past couple years, even releasing a new EP, Locust House, in the summer of 2015 on drummer John Kirtland's label, Kirtland Records. In fact, in the video Pipes talks about the band working on yet more new material. "I think we're kind of in the writing phase right now," he says. "Because we've done [the EP], that kind of gives us the excuse to play some shows."

New material or not, they chose to feature some classic cuts from their back catalog for the busking session. "Tiffany's," predictably, was one of them, while the other, "Sun," was a non-album B-side from the same album, Home. Their performance of "Tiffany's" along one of the bars at Off-Site Kitchen may be the most relaxed-looking ones in the entire busking series, but they hoofed it up the road for "Sun" to play along the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge.

Speaking of Denton, Oaktopia is taking place there this weekend (the first of three nights took place last night). Deep Blue Something isn't on the bill, but who knows — maybe one or more of the members will be there checking in on their old stomping grounds. Based on the video, they may have a little brushing up to do on their UNT trivia.
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