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Watch: Jimmie Vaughan and Friends Performed "Just A Little Bit" For Conan Last Night

He may not have earned himself an award nomination from the Blues Foundation like fellow Dallas native Steve Miller for his work this year, but, hey, the Dallas-born Jimmie Vaughan had other things fall his way in 2010 -- like, say, a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional Blues Album for his Plays Blues, Ballads & Favorites disc, which was released this past summer.

So, yeah, things have been good of late for Vaughan -- and he knows it. Back in July, the 59-year-old told us that "when you get older, you start appreciating things."

Well, surely then, Vaughan appreciated his turn last night on Conan, where he and some friends played "Just A Little Bit" from that most recent album release. And, yeah, he sure appeared to be having a good time during the performance -- something you can see after the jump, where we've got the footage from last night's enjoyable gig.

A warning, though: It contains something that you die-hards who rag on Austin for claiming Dallas products might not appreciate; host Conan O'Brien introduces Vaughan by saying that his hometown in in Austin. Which, fine, maybe it is these days. But, still, right?

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