Watch: Kanye West -- "Power"

The above 102-second clip from

Kanye West

, touting the sometimes-controversial, but generally all-kinds-of-awesome rapper's

new Symbolyc One-produced single

made its debut on MTV last night--to massive results, blowing up all over the Internet within moments of its airing and spilling over quite nicely into conversational pieces this morning.

It's a "moving painting," West maintains of the clip--and, well, that's tough to argue. But this much is: The song, in actuality, is over five minutes long. Gotta wonder how S1 feels about his song getting chopped.

Gotta wonder this, too: Could Kanye be launching a new era, where music videos serve as trailers for entire songs, rather than simply visual accompaniment? Maybe.

We've got a call into the Waco-based S1--whose ringback tone is "Power," of course--to get his thoughts on the clip. We'll update this post when we hear back.


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