Mac Rockstar was one of the rappers to show up at round one of Master of the Mic
Mac Rockstar was one of the rappers to show up at round one of Master of the Mic
Jourdan Aldredge

Watch the DDFW Masters of the Mic Battle It Out at Boiler Room

Much has changed about hip hop over the years, but at least one thing has always been a constant: bragging rights. The G.O.A.T. debate is one that will rage on forever, impossible to ever conclude definitively (well, okay, the answer is Rakim). But there will always ways to stake claim to other honors, like who's the greatest in this or, say, the greatest in North Texas. The latter is exactly what DDFW Master of the Mic has set out to do.

The competition, organized by Fort Worth promoter Callie Dee and Gitmo Productions, spreads itself across 13 events in three separate cities: Dallas, one in Denton and one in Fort Worth. The best from each round then advance in the competition. Back on Memorial Day, the first round of the competition took place at The Boiler Room in Deep Ellum. Videographer Jourdan Aldredge was there to chat with Dee and fellow organizer R.J. Avery and to capture some of the onstage action. Here's what he found:

The next Master of the Mic event takes place on June 29, once again in Dallas at The Boiler Room.  After that, they'll head to Denton on August 6 for round three at Hailey's.

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