Watch: The Debut of Brain Gang Blue's "Overnight Overdose"

Looks like the team of producer/rapper Brain Gang Blue and filmmaker Jeff Adair has struck gold again with today's debut of the video for "Overnight Overdose," the lead track from his recently released Numb EP. The video, an examination of the dark side of the party life, comes to us with an explanation of the story arc. "Overnight Overdose" is the third chapter of four, explained by Blue's team as "a continuation of Blue's journey into a drug-filled, lust-laden existence."

The "Numb" short film, released prior to the EP, shows Blue's initial seduction into this dark world. In the second installment, "Party On," Blue begins to embrace the wild life and it becomes clear downfall is imminent. By the time we get to today's release, "Overnight Overdose," it's become clear Blue has taken a few steps too many down the wrong path and has begun to pay for it.

We eagerly await the next and final installment in this smart and visually striking series, but for now, enjoy the world premiere of "Overnight Overdose" and feel content about the powerful position Dallas hip-hop is establishing in 2012.

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