Watch: Toadies -- "Tyler (Live & Acoustic)"

Yesterday, we passed along some information about this summer's upcoming, fourth annual Dia de Los Toadies Festival -- one that looks to be as big, if not bigger, than past offerings from the band, thanks to the first bands announced to perform at this year's ordeal. But let's not discount those earlier offerings -- or the fact that, simply on the strength of their name, the Toadies have been able to pull this event off successfully off for so many years running now. Impressive stuff.

But, perhaps, some insight into how their event has been so successful, can be found in a new clip that we stumbled upon on YouTube last night. The video features the band performing their song "Tyler" in an acoustic arrangement. It's a gorgeous take -- part of the band's Friday night acoustic performance at last year's festival, the audio for which isn't altogether difficult to find. And it's a pretty high quality production, video-wise, too. Trust us -- between that and the song arrangement, which finds frontman Vaden Todd Lewis eschewing his electric guitar for a mandolin, you're going to be impressed after watching this clip, which we've posted after the jump for your viewing pleasure.

Will you be so impressed that you're going to want to straight up demand that the band offer up this take when it performs at our St. Patrick's Day concert next weekend? Maybe, actually! (By the way: You're going to want to go ahead and buy your tickets for that show now if you want in; we've already sold 3,000 of the suckers.) But, either way, give it a watch after the jump. You'll be happy you did. Promise.

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