Weekend Roundup: Snoop Dogg, John Mayer, Jewel, Tony Joe White, Big Daddy Kane, Lil Wil

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the Dallas music-related videos posted to Youtube this weekend.

Snoop Dogg opened for 311 this past weekend at Superpages.com Center. Which proved that...well, that 311 is way bigger of a draw than I will ever pretend to understand it to be. Also, it proved that maybe this rumor isn't true after all...

John Mayer's great on all those VH1 clip shows. And Rolling Stone makes it a point of theirs--in pretty much every other issue--to tell us how great he is at playing the guitar. But I don't think either of those excuse him from feeling like it was OK to play his Superpages.com Center set topless...

Jewel hit the ol' Starplex this weekend, too, on tour with Brad Paisley, to show Jessica Simpson that a pop-to-country transition is possible...which I don't think excuses her from showing that much leg, necessarily. But I'm not complaining this time.

At The Granada on Friday, Tony Joe White showed just how far a great voice can take you...which is to say, far enough where you can play your set from a chair and still enrapture a crowd.

Big Daddy Kane kept it old school--and a little Oedipus Rex-ish--when he asked The Granada crowd if "the fellas run this mother." But the freaks in the crowd didn't seem displeased about it.

And, finally, somewhere in North Dallas, Dallas' own Lil Wil performed his current hit single, "Bust It Open," which, truly is a family song to be performed during the daytime and not, say, in a strip club.

...and that was your weekend. --Pete Freedman

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