Well, This Is It. Thanks, Guys. It Was Real.

As you probably already know, today's my last day here at the helm of DC9 HQ. And since the day's now over, well... yeah, I guess this is it.

It's been a good, almost four-year run. There were some ups and, OK, some downs, but overall, I think it trended toward the positive. At least I hope it did.

In this week's paper -- the last to feature a section lead-in column from yours truly and the issue we just wrapped here at the Observer offices -- I try to figure out what the past four years have meant, both to me and to Dallas music. I'll let you read those thoughts and the thank you shout-outs contained therein when that comes out.

For now, just a general thanks -- to the readers and the commenters, to the haters and the supporters, to the hard-working bands and their shockingly diehard fans and, certainly, to the hard-working, unheralded people behind the scenes, the ones who really make the North Texas music scene so special. And lest I forget: A special thank you to the writers who've allowed me to work with them in my time here.

I came to Dallas not knowing a single soul. I'm blessed to leave this job counting so many of you among my closest friends. You're good people, you Dallasites. The national media has you all wrong.

And let's leave it at that, yeah? Might as well.

Stay in touch. Stay cool forever.

And, really, Dallas, stay classy.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.


Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.