What It Was Like: Does It Offend You, Yeah?, Watershed, David Banner

Band: Does It Offend You, Yeah? Where: Emo's Main Room What It Was Like: A dance party with a few hundred friends. Verdict: Despite the lame name, DIOYY put on a phenomenal show. It was over-the-top fun (the UK band's frontman actually changed his shirt midway through the set), and the band has plenty of catchy songs beyond the single “Let's Make Out.” Random Note: The set change for this show felt like it took forever. This turned out to be good as it gave me an excuse to check out The Dodos next door.

Band: Watershed Where: Wave What It Was Like: Watching punk rockers age. Verdict: Meh. It's not that the band was bad, per se. It just was much more like power pop your mom would like than anything creative or new. Random Note: I met a woman from Lithuania at the show. She was studying in England, and came to SXSW to learn about American bands. How come I didn't get to go to SXSW for college credit?

Band: David Banner Where: Fader Fort What It Was Like: A hip-hop explosion. Verdict: Badass. I'm not necessarily a rap fan, but David Banner's performance at this day show was insane. He worked the crowd into a frenzy, and had everyone begging for more. Random Note: I really never paid attention to how buff Banner is. That is a guy you wouldn't want to mess with! -- Chelsea Ide

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