What to Expect at the DMA's Thursday Jazz in the Atrium Series

Welcome to The Weekly, where we'll tell you what's happening at various weekly musical events going on in DFW this summer. Some of them will be well-known scenes, some will be considerably less so.

Thursday nights at the Dallas Museum of Art is the place to be. The DMA atrium is comfortably filled with coctakil drinking guests doing small dance moves in their seats, soaking up the free jazz. "Jazz in the Atrium" goes on every Thursday this summer from 6 to 8 p.m. in the DMA Cafe. Entrance to the performance is free, and you can enjoy the full bar and casual dinner served during the event. After a glass of wine and a few tunes, you can stroll the museum and take a gander at some of the musuem's exhibits for no additional fee. Arriving an hour early wouldn't be a bad idea because from 5 to 6 p.m. it's happy hour. You can get beer and wine for $3.50 a piece and a whole bottle of wine for $14.50. The DMA cafe has its full menu available, so you can enjoy salads or pastas with your show.

"This is one of the greatest ways to promote jazz in this city," says Wendell Sneed, the director of "Jazz in the Atrium" for the past 15 years. "Some people think they have to leave Dallas to get by in jazz, but we want them to stay here. We try and promote local musicians."

Each week features a different jazz group, most often local. The groups get involved with the crowd. The audience ranges from families to young 20 somethings to older couples.

Who will you see there? The atrium is definitely filled, but that doesn't mean it's impossible to snag a table. There's some standing tables in the back, and people are often moving around to circulate the museum.

When can you go? Every Thursday evening from 6 to 8 p.m. in June and July

What's the cost? Free entry, but don't come empty handed if you want to eat or drink

Where do you get tickets? No tickets needed

Eating and drinking? A full cocktail bar and the DMA Cafe are open and ready to serve

What should I take? Yourself, your ears and maybe a camera. It's a pretty neat scene.

Where should I park? The museum offers underground parking below the museum for 10 bucks. But if you're a museum member, it's free.

While you're there... While you might not want to leave your cocktail and the the soundtrack of smooth jazz, make sure you walk around the museum. You got in for free, take advantage!

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Stephanie Halovanic