Whiskey Folk Busks Outside The Foundry: A Globe Trek and Observer Video

This week, our series of busking videos with Globe Trek Productions features Whiskey Folk outside Oak Cliff fever dream chicken coop The Foundry, and they actually busked! Like, put out a sign and a container and everything. Not a lot of foot traffic pre-show outside a restaurant in a part of town with no sidewalks. But that's on us, not the bands who continue to be such good sports. Below, Whiskey Folk play "If I Were Around" and "Pies of Old Kylene."

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Whiskey Folk just put out The Lonesome Underground, their first album that reaches the potential of the band's excellent live show. You can see that on September 7 at J&J Blues Bar in Fort Worth, and you can buy the album here.

Note: You may have a vague memory of one of these videos from a couple weeks back. We briefly had this post up with the wrong clips in it. The videos have now been finalized. This is the Whiskey Folk Busking video post. Accept no substitutes.

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