A Very Brief History of the DISD, Ca. 1966

Whilst doing some research for something that may not lead to anything, I've been reading Walter J. E. Schiebel's Education in Dallas: Ninety-two years of History 1874-1966, published by the Dallas Independent School District. So this isn't entirely an exercise in futility, I thought I'd share some of the tome: After the jump, you'll find Chapter 1 ("The Early Years 1874-1899") and Chapter 17 ("A Forward Look"), in addition to W.T. White's very brief foreword and the August 1965 district map. (And only the DISD would publish a 92-year history.)

And while we're on the subject, a Friend of Unfair Park asks me to remind you about tomorrow night's board of trustees candidate forum for District 9, scheduled for 7 p.m. kick-off in the Woodrow Wilson High School auditorium. This, of course, is the seat being vacated by Ron Price, and all those vying for his spot on the board -- Sally Cain, Bernadette Nutall, Juanita Wallace and Rossi Walter -- are scheduled to attend to "respond to a list of 10 questions compiled by the community council." Audience questions will be taken, should time permits. And it should. Because that's when it gets really interesting.

So jump, lest you fail the exam.


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