Auburn 22, Oregon 19: My Top 10 Observer-ations

10. Cam Newton = Overrated. I take it back. He ain't better than Vince Young was at Texas.

9. Sure he's corny at times, but I love me some "Big Game" Brent Musburger.

8. Props to Auburn coach Gene Chizik for running a play to wind the clock down and set up a walk-off 19-yard field goal by Wes Byrum at the gun. He trusted Newton to take care of the ball more than he trusted his kickoff coverage unit against Oregon's speedsters. Don't blame him a bit.

7. The team that leads at halftime is now 12-0 in BCS National Championship Games. Weird. And what was that I was saying again about Auburn having the edge in a close game?

6. Oregon's uniforms were as ridiculous as advertised. Feathers on the shoulder pads? Really?!

5. Why can't the NFL's instant replay system be as fast and as accurate as college football's?

4. Auburn defensive tackle Nick Fairley is a beast, but man what a dirty player. That twisting-the-facemask bullshit doesn't happen by accident. Takes a jerk to even consider it, much less execute it.

3. Football is king in Texas but, let's face it, Alabama is the king of football. That's two National Championships in a row.

2. Toldja Auburn would run at will over Oregon. How about 255 yards? Only surprise is that it wasn't Newton doing the damage, but more so freshman running back Michael Dyer. His biggest run was the 31 yards (from Auburn's 46 down to Oregon's 23) after he appeared -- but wasn't -- down. Never Say Dyer?

1. Entertaining game -- Oregon is fun to watch with its kickoff return reverses, fake punts and squirrely two-point conversion plays -- but not necessarily well played or impressive. TCU can beat 'em both. And you know it.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.