Blake Griffin Dunks Over a Car, Wins Bogus Contest

I totally recognize that Blake Griffin is the shit. His in-game dunking has made must-see TV out of LA Clippers' games. And you'd think that a dude who jumps over a car should automatically win the NBA's All-Star Slam Dunk contest.

But I watched a very entertaining dunk competition Saturday night and there's no way Blake was the best dunker. Of course, I didn't text in my vote so screw me.

First of all, Serge Ibaka took off from behind the free-throw - you hear that Dr. J and Air Jordan and Brent Barry? - for a flying dunk. And then JaVale McGee performed the most amazing dunk(s) I've ever seen.

Blake jumping over the hood of a Kia is nice and all, but how do you not give the trophy to a guy who dunks one ball left-handed while almost simultaneously dunking another ball right-handed after throwing it off the backboard of the first basket a good seven feet apart?

As for Ibaka's leap, it was better than Air Jordan's legendary flight. No?

And, for what it's worth, did you know that the only two Mavericks ever in the Slam Dunk contest were Michael Finley (1997) and Tony Dumas, he of the infamous oh-for-three showing in 1995 in Phoenix?

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