Carla Ranger Is Stunned and Saddened by Sudden "Removal" From Position at DCCCD

I've left a message for Wright Lassiter, chancellor of the Dallas County Community College District; he is at a meeting and not expected to return till later today. I've called the law offices of Jerry Prater, chair of DCCCD's board of trustees; he is out of the office and not expected to return till tomorrow. For both, I have the same question: Why was Dallas Independent School District trustee Carla Ranger told yesterday that her contract with DCCCD -- where she is currently district director of educational partnerships -- will not be renewed when it expires at the end of August?

Ranger herself is stunned by the move. As she writes today on her blog, "This is difficult and hard to share." Ranger has worked for DCCCD for the last two decades; she was, at one point, dean of the Communications Division at Eastfield College. She writes that her dismissal "smells of politics," and that she "looked forward to retirement there in the years ahead." Instead, she says she now needs a job: "If anyone knows of an opportunity for a career veteran like me, please let me know."

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