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Cry Me a River

Don't listen to the 47 percent who say they are going to move to Seattle or wherever ("Cool Dallas," by Jim Schutze, November 15). I have said the same thing on about 647 different occasions. Actually I am in school in San Antonio right now, and I can't wait to graduate and get back to the D—even if it is still full of toll-road-raging-assholes! Perhaps I will live amongst the proletariat of "The People's Republic of East Dallas."

Schutze, go do your 12-step program—maybe even Steve Blow or Rod Dreher will be your sponsor—but don't let the bastards off of your radar, not for one second! That said, I'm sure they will soon give you something new to write about. As for Angela, I hope that our city council and ODB (props to Sharon Boyd) don't shut her out. We can't afford to lose a smart and energetic asset just because the rest of them want to preserve the status quo a little longer.

Nathan, via

You are right. The fun, cool people were at the Vote Yes party on election night at the MAC art gallery. That was one of the best parties I've been to in a long time. They had to run us out of there. They were flicking the lights just like closing a bar way back in college!

Ironically, one of the MAC artistic exhibit rooms by the party featured shapes made out of shattered glass devastated in Katrina—this was at a party of people trying to keep a tollway out of a floodway. Will we ever learn? But at least we can enjoy a cool party.

Now Steve Blow says let the dirt start flying. But doesn't he read his own front page? It is years away, best case scenario. And the Corps' lawsuits from Katrina aren't even settled yet.

Desi, via

First, why would anyone vote for a fucking toll road? Second, why would anyone vote for a fucking toll road to be paved over our last bit of green space with the potential to be a world-class park? I really just don't understand. I can't comprehend it. I'm really upset about this. Vitriolic anger might be a better description. Why can't I let it go? I cried in the bathroom at the MAC when the final results came in. I'm a grown man. I might need to seek some counseling. Is 53 percent of this city really that stupid? It's hard for me to believe that. I don't want to believe that. Please, please! Somebody help me! I'm going crazy. I've been flushed down the river like a great big-city turd.

"Flushed Down the River," via

Thanks again, Jim! Fine and informative work. Now, go have a vacation. I know a perfect place if you're into camping down by the Trinity River, but you better hurry. I understand they're puttin' a road in there somewhere.

"Big Irvy," via

1) Yes, you are obsessed. You need to get over your penis envy or whatever it is for The Dallas Morning News. The DMN outlasted the Dallas Times Herald; get over it.

2) Yes, someone at the DMN sat on a story. Why didn't someone from the Dallas Observer ask the right question that was so important to this story?

3) Perhaps the toll road side won because the Vote Yes side positioned this whole thing as "we're cool and you're not." Maybe when you open the tent up a little more you'll get more votes. By the way, we are all cool.

4) Angela Hunt rocks.

Ray Miller, via

Well, the vote's in, and surprise—the big money wins again. Kinda depressing when corruption wins, but lots of thanks for your investigative reporting in an era of cartoon/celebrity journalism.

"Pretzel," via

Terrible Thom

I am not at all surprised by this article ("Foul Air," by Matt Pulle, November 15). Actually, it is a long time in coming. I had a comment when I first had dealings with this guy. He is the angriest man alive—not to mention the amount of crap he spews with every sentence from his mouth. He is one of the most bigoted men I have ever met, black or white. He makes the KKK look like rednecks having a bad fashion day. Bailey can't manage an ant farm, much less something as far-reaching as a radio station. He screwed us out of a couple bucks, but we were just glad to be rid of him and his low-life lifestyle and poor human skills. He got much less than he deserved, and the people around him should not have expected a Rolex from a man that belongs on a corner with a trench coat full of knockoffs. I know that anyone who has had the misfortune of coming in contact with this guy has absolutely nothing positive to say about him or his business practices.

"A Radio Guy," via

I too had the unfortunate experience of working for Thom Bailey. There is not one thing in this entire story that I didn't experience personally, all the way down to him blocking the door to keep me from being able to leave. I was NEVER paid by Thom Bailey, and I probably never will be. I confronted Thom when I hadn't been paid and demanded a check or I wasn't going on the air that day. Thom threatened me, screamed, yelled, clenched his fists and blowed up in my face, then wrote me a check for about one-third of what I was owed, which he promptly put a stop payment on. I think I speak for a number of ex-Sports Fan 990 employees when I say...we were conned. Plain and simple. What a disgrace.

J.R. Schumann, via

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