Delay of Game ... Dallas Cowboys

Shockingly, this one isn't on No. 76. In fact, it's a good thing.

At least I think it is. You tell me.

The Cowboys last week mailed letters to all 2009 season-ticket holders, informing them that their dues for tickets and parking is surprisingly being delayed. Originally due April 1, customers now don't have to cough up the cash until June 1.

Couple months doesn't seem like a big deal. But if you have, for example, four lower-level seats on the 35 at $340 per game for 10 games, plus $75 parking per pop, hanging on to your $14,350 for another 60 days is substantial.

Likewise, the interest on those piles of money could be significant.

So why would Jerry Jones allow, even suggest this postponement? My best guess - like most things these days - is tied to the shitty econony.

If the Cowboys sent out invoices today, there would be some fallout.

A plethora of financial change-of-heart non-renewals, such as what I'm hearing is going on with the Stars and Mavs for next season. Even if you've paid your exhorbitant licensing fee in full or took advantage of Jerry's 30-year financing, if you ain't got the money you ain't got the money. Right?

So even though Jonestown Coliseum is getting sweet suite reviews and and even though those TV commercials with the obnoxious sales guy paint a rosier, cheaper picture, maybe even billionaires like Jones are making concessions to this crisis.

Make that a Delay of Gain.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.