End of an Era? The Top 10 "Players" in the History of Dallas Sports

I'm pretty sure one is retiring and one is staying put. But what if in the last month we witnessed the final games in Dallas of icons Mike Modano and Dirk Nowitzki?

Modano is likely done as a player for the Dallas Stars, soon to be an owner with one group or another. As for Nowitzki, he can become a free agent in July and leave the Dallas Mavericks, though you, I and owner Mark Cuban seriously doubt it.

Since the mid-90s Modano has been the face of the Stars; Dirk the face of the Mavs since '99. Given that he played here longer (and better?) and delivered a championship in '99, no doubt Modano ranks above Dirk. Right?

I think we probably underrate both of them. Which got me to thinking:

If they're truly gone, then and only then will we truly appreciate them.

And just where do they fit on Dallas' Mount Sportsmore?

10. Tatu - Kept soccer alive and thriving in Dallas for three decades.

9. Lance Armstrong - The most famous Plano East High School alum ever.

8. Dirk Nowitzki - All that's missing is - gulp - a championship.

7. Pudge Rodriguez - Best. Ranger. Ever.

6. Mike Modano - Made hockey cool in Dallas.

5. Byron Nelson - One of golf's great players was an ever better person.

4. Emmitt Smith - NFL all-time leading rusher still visible in community.

3. Troy Aikman - Three Super Bowl rings through accuracy and accountability.

2. Nolan Ryan - Credibility and legend as strong as ever.

1. Roger Staubach - Captain America knows no peer.

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