Native Dallasite Amy Phelan, who, according to this month's W, "who looks more Legally Blonde than West Chelsea power player"

Ex-Cowboys Cheerleader is Now a NYC Art World Power Playa

The February issue of W features a profile of former Dallas Cowboys Cheerleader Amy Phelan, who, last April, was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation in New York City. Oddly, the media release announcing the native Dallasite and SMU grad's election to the prestigious 71-year-old foundation, where she's just the seventh female board member in its history, makes no mention of her cheerleading past, whereas the W story thinks it novelty enough to include in the headline -- as in, "A former Dallas Cowboys cheerleader tackles the New York art world."

Of course, it also refers to her "preternaturally perfect cleavage," so there's that. Phelan can be seen here at a Whitney shindig attended by the likes of Mike Ovitz, but not mentioned in her profile: Phelan's Web site, which includes the section titled "The Dick List." Which includes Karl Rove and Jessica Simpson. --Robert Wilonsky


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