Friday Pop Quiz

Simple. Anyone getting the matches perfecto wins a year's free subscription to the Dallas Observer (redeemable each Thursday at any local newsstand). And oh, what the heck, since I'm feeling generous I'll throw in a couple months' free online membership to this here Sportatorium.

Good luck.

1. After an announcement made just moments ago, this building will not host a future women's Final Four. Somehow, it was beaten out by bids from arenas in New Orleans, Denver, Tampa, Nashville and Indy.

2. 5-4 NFL team willing to welcome back Pacman Jones.

3. Off to a miserable 5-8-3 start, good for last place in their division.

4. Guest co-hosting Saturday's Dan O'Malley Show on Live 105.3 FM at 4 p.m. Unleash the crickets.

5. Worst. Mascot. Ever.

6. Said after last night's loss, "We won't be a very good team until we play together as a team. We don't trust each other to get their jobs done. We are too individual right now."

7. Said after last night's loss, "I'm surprised by our lack of fight. I don't know how else to put it. We just need to have a much stronger will."

8. With their second-place division finish, our most successful team of 2008

9. 9-0 NFL team never willing to take back Pacman Jones.

10. Off to a miserable 2-6 start, good for last place in their division.

11. Said after last night's loss, "It's hard to say we're fighting. When we can't score, we just throw our hands up. That's the big problem, we don't play any defense."

12. Said after last night's loss, "Tonight it was unacceptable. I'm speechless. It's the same thing - mental lapses that lead to turnovers."

13. Missed two days of work on his radio show this week due to a "1 in 1,000" infection after Lasik surgery, saying, "It was like I was looking through crinkled wax paper. And the pain. Man, you know I can't take anything stronger than Tylenol, so I was in bad shape."

14. Hot chick who should -- at all cost -- by kept away from FedEx Field on Sunday.

15. Depending on an announcement forthcoming next week, building possibly hosting a future men's Final Four.

Jump for your matches:

A. Jason Kidd.

B. Jonestown Coliseum.

C. Greg Williams.

D. Tennessee Titans.

E. Dallas Cowboys.

F. Richie Whitt.

G. Dallas Stars.

H. Brad Richards.

I. Dallas Mavericks.

J. Dave Tippett.

K. Texas Rangers.

L. Rick Carlisle.

M. American Airlines Center.

N. Rowdy.

O. Jessica Simpson.

Answers will be posted Monday. Prizes doled out immediately thereafter. - Richie Whitt

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