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He's Mayor For Two More Hours ...

At 10 this morning at the Meyerson Symphony Center, Mike Rawlings officially becomes Dallas mayor, and Dwaine Caraway goes back to being just one of 14 council members who must travel sans security detail. Shortly after that, more than likely, Pauline Medrano will ascend to the title of mayor pro tem; more than likely, Tennell Atkins will become deputy. Caraway had his chance to have his shot at becoming mayor, but said in January he decided not to run to focus on redistricting, telling Unfair Park that "one of the most pressing issues facing the city and the city's future is the redrawing of the lines that will give better representation to the southeast part of the city."

A month later, of course, he became mayor anyway. Then, a few weeks after that, he sued the city to stop the release of those police records relating to a January 2 call to his house. Jim wrote a few weeks ago he'll miss having Caraway at the center of the horseshoe: "The way Caraway has operated in office is only different from how previous mayors have behaved because the things he wants are different, and because he asked for them so loudly." Rudy writes today that, oh, he'll run for mayor one day, mark it down: "I've proven I can shoulder the responsibility, and I'm sincere and committed to service, transparency and openness to everyone."

Above is the chitchat with Caraway that aired on WFAA last night, during which he triggered the Band Name Alert: "Negative Bloggers."

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