Super Bowl XLV

Ines Sainz: Nice Booty. Nicer Person.

​Super Bowl XLV's Media Center Radio Row over at the Sheraton was starting to die down last night when in walked a familiar face.

And, I admit, an even more familiar caboose.

Ines Sainz is the award-winning reporter for Mexico City's TV Azteca. You remember her from the flap with the New York Jets earlier this season. A couple players were ogling her tight britches and saying inappropriate things and she complained to the NFL. She's one of those obnoxious women who wears sexy outfits and then gets offended when dudes like us stare at her sexy outfit.


At least that's how I remember it.

But wait, when I interviewed her I got a different story.

The Jets, turns out, said nothing inappropriate.

"I heard things like 'Senorita Bonita', but nothing that offended me," says Sainz.

And about her complaint to the NFL.

"I didn't go to them," she explained. "They came to me."

Sounds to me like Sainz was fine and dandy with the extra attention the Jets paid her, but some jealous dim-ninny woman on the sideline tried to escalate the non-situation by calling the team and the league. Sainz says the NFL contacted her and that she turned over her camera and recorder from that day, but in no way made a formal complaint.

"To me," Sainz says, "this was no big deal."

At today's Media Day at Cowboys Stadium -- at her eighth Super Bowl -- Sainz will be roaming around conducting entertaining interviews with the Bengals' Chad Johnson.

And, yes, since you're wondering, she's got the best butt in the biz. Even more round, protruding and spankable than J-Lo and Kim Kardashian.


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