Michael Irvin Has a New Talk-Radio Gig--Only Not Here

Michael Irvin is back working on the radio.

Michael Irvin is back working on the radio in Dallas.

But the Dallas Cowboys legend and Pro Football Hall-of-Famer isn't back on the radio in Dallas.

It's always been Michael's hope to "re-invent'' sports-talk radio; we've discussed the subject many times (sometimes while doing radio work together), and he truly believes there might be something new under the sun.

And this new show will be under the sun ... the South Florida sun.

"Just because there is a way people have been doing it for 100 years, that doesn't mean it's the right way or the only way,'' Michael recently told me, explaining he believes that even in sports-talk radio there is "room to preach messages that go beyond sports. Why can't sports and life be talked about together?''

We expect Irvin to do that now as he's finalized a deal for a new show...on Miami's WQAM-AM 560.

Irvin - a high-school superstar and former University of Miami star who is at least as much a legend in that town as he is in this one - debuts his midday show on July 26. His partner will be Kevin Kiley, the same co-host with whom he was paired during his time as a host on DFW's 103.3 ESPN. That show never acquired radio traction, arguably for a number of reasons, including the market dominance and quality of competitor 1310 The Ticket and possibly because of Irvin's volume of irons in the fire.

Irvin has pursued careers as an actor in movies (The Longest Yard), as the host of a football-related reality game show (Fourth And Long) and as a performer on Dancing With The Stars. Michael was attempting to compete in the L.A.-based dance show while also working weekends for the NFL Network ... oh, and hosting his Dallas talk show.

Irvin will spread himself across the country this time, too: While the show will air in South Florida, Michael will only be in Miami during its first two weeks on the air. After that, he'll do his South Florida radio show from a studio in North Texas.

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