Obama v. McCain: Round 2

I’m thinking about inviting over Michael Buffer and Dr. Ferdie Pacheco to help me score tonight’s Presidential Debate blow-by-blow fight style. But, from where I sit, not even erroneous scoring from the “Let’s Get Ready to Ruuuuummbllllllllllle!” guy and boxing’s most famous corner man can boost John McCain over Barack Obama.

I’m open to a late rally, but my scorecard has Obama with the lead entering the 9th round.


Because unless you’re in the defense industry, Oklahoma casino boom or named Richard Fuld (the Lehman Bros. CEO who pocketed almost $500 million in salaries and bonus while steering the company into bankruptcy), life has a pungent tinge of suckiness these days. I saw a CNN "mood poll" last night where 80% of Americans think life is “bad” – as opposed to “good” – worst out-of-whack balance since polling began in 1974.

Easy to see why.

Our stock market is falling faster than Wade Phillips’ tolerance of the media. Our bailout already needs a bailout. Even street cred has been downgraded to “sell.” People are losing jobs, savings and, scariest of all, hope.

On his weekly radio show on The Ticket this morning, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones joked that buying a seat at his new stadium is a better investment than “putting your dollars in treasury bills” but, actually, I don’t doubt it. That comes on the heels of last week’s suggestion by Mark Cuban – a real Maverick, mind you – to play it super safe.

My point is this: If America is our football team, the once-proud franchise has just endured eight seasons in hell. Excruciating home losses. Forced to rally on the road as overwhelming favorites. It's been an era of errors.

Fortunately, the owner of the team is allowing us to choose the next coach via show of hands.

Again, I’m just a lowly sportswriter tinkering in the Observer’s toy box, but seems to me that picking a new coach similar to the old one is about as non-sensical as the Rangers sticking with Ron Washington and Jon Daniels despite their parallel millennium of failure. Besides, what’s the danger in electing Obama? That things could somehow get bad?

I’m Richie Whitt, and I approve this message. – Richie Whitt

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