OU 28, Texas 20: My Top 10 Observations

10. Pretty sure the Sooners and Longhorns are just mediocre football teams. But I'm certain Texas was absolutely gutted -- in emotion and field-position -- by nine penalties.

9. The Longhorns will lose Oct. 16 at Nebraska, giving Texas three consecutive losses for the first time since 1999. Seems like we're referencing that year a lot lately doesn't it?

8. Shame on you, OU fans. I know your Sooners had lost four of the previous five Red River Rivalry games, but act like you've won a game before and you might some day win one again. I watched the game on the huge screen at House of Blues and the actions of the crimson-clad fans was embarrassing. Saw two near-fights picked by OU fans and one drunk guy kept strutting up to a table of Texas fans and simulating sex with a giant, stuffed Scooby Doo while yelling "Fuck Bevo!" Huh? Another guy stole a Texas fans' foam Hook 'Em sign and found himself in a choke hold. Deservedly so.

7. OU running back DeMarco Murray is a bona fide playmaker. Not sure I saw a game-changer wearing white. Next year the Longhorns will sport the nation's No. 1 high-school running back, Cibolo's Malcolm Brown.

6. Texas quarterback Garrett Gilbert may some day be decent, but right now he's clueless as to feeling pressure or how to move around to extend a play. He has a strong arm, but for the most part he's a statue in the pocket that rarely looks away from his first option on a play.

5. Overall it was an intense, but sloppy and stumbling game. Can't remember a contest that featured 80 passes and what felt like 90 percent of them harmless dump-offs.

4. Texas was last unranked Oct. 15, 2000. Welcome back to the pack.

3. Worst play of the game was authored by Texas freshman defensive lineman Jackson Jeffcoat. After a third-and-20 incompletion apparently forced OU to punt, he was called for a dead-ball personal foul. Given a stay of execution on the drive, Murray scored from 20 yards and gave up a 28-10 lead.

2. Texas girls are hotter than OU girls. But I'm pretty sure OU girls are funner.

1. After all its mistakes Texas still had a shot with a minute remaining, but Aaron Williams muffed a punt at his own 41. And to think, he was returning punts because Curtis Brown fumbled inside his own 5 last week against UCLA.

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