Pacman Gobbles Up a Felony Arrest Warrant in Las Vegas

Breaking Adam "Pacman" Jones news this a.m., courtesy the Las Vegas Sun, which is reporting that the Clark County District Attorney's Office has issued a felony arrest warrant for the Dallas Cowboys' latest and greatest. The warrant was issued late last night, as Jones hasn't paid $20,000 in gambling debts to Caesars Palace. Notes the story:

Chief Deputy District Attorney Bernie Zadrowski, who runs the bad check unit, forwarded the request, along with a two-count criminal complaint charging Jones with fraud and theft, to Justice of the Peace Joe Bonaventure on Thursday.

In the warrant request, Zadrowski alleged that Jones has not paid back three markers, two for $5,000 each and one for $10,000, that Caesars Palace gave Jones on Sept. 3.

Links props courtesy ..., which offers the story with this headline: "Caesars to Pacman: Et Tu Deadbeat?" Brilliant. --Robert Wilonsky

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