Play With Your Big Balls, Win $5,000

We've all played Beer Pong. But tonight at Duke's Original Roadhouse in Addison the rewards -- not to mention the balls -- will be much bigger than forcing your buddy to chug a warm cup o' keg brew.

At 9 p.m. will commence the culmination of a 12-week Big Balls tournament hosted by 105.3 The Fan's Sybil Summers. It's steroid-sized Beer Pong, using those bouncy playground balls thrown into old-school metal trash cans.

Simple. Yet hard as hell.

There is zero athletic ability required to be good, but a definite amount of skill. Sorta like darts. Or golf. Or sex. Even auto racing.

I've played several times and -- hinty hint hint -- the best strategy is the two-handed, under-handed shot with backspin, a la a Ricky Barry free throw. Some players, however, manipulate their Big Balls with a bounce or even an over-handed straight shot.

Whatever works. The crowds at Big Balls have been big.

And tonight the prize is huge.

Did I mention the $5,000?

The 32-team field will include 4-man teams that have qualified since the start of the "regular season" back in June and a couple of wild-card squads that can earn a better-late-than-never spot tonight.

Last year's winner -- Force India (they're the funny Indian dudes who wear solid-colored, pop-collared Polos like a bunch of M&Ms) -- is back to defend its 2010 title that netted tickets to Super Bowl XLV.

It's fun. It's great people-watching. And it's sure to prompt a giggle or two, if only from team names like See You In Tea, Harry Ballasgna and Multiple Scoregasms.

If nothing else, when's the last time you were paid to play with your balls?

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