Rick Perry Is Running for President, Will Announce in Dallas
Sam Merten

Rick Perry Is Running for President, Will Announce in Dallas

Much to the delight of rabidly conservative faux-hipsters, Anita Perry, erstwhile Texas Governor Rick Perry's wife, took to Twitter Friday morning to announce that her husband will be announcing that he's running for president during a June 4 event in Dallas.

Perry, of course, ran in 2012, when he was viewed as a viable contender before a bizarre debate performance and an inability to clearly articulate ideas derailed his candidacy.

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After dropping out of the race, Perry starting wearing glasses, finished his third full term as Texas governor and got himself indicted. Based on that record, his jumping into the 2016 race for the Republican nomination despite his polling at two percent in Public Policy Polling's latest survey. (To be fair, all the praying Perry did to end Texas' drought did finally pay off this week, which is something, we guess.)

Perry will be the second Texan into the pool, following freshman Senator Ted Cruz, who was the first major Republican candidate to officially enter the race.

You can RSVP for Perry's Dallas announcement shindig on EventBrite.

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