Schutze and Dreher, a Christmas Miracle

This may or may not be our last post before we call it quits (I've got to prep for my Christmas Day job, besides). Still, I meant to mention this yesterday: On his way out the door to West Conshohocken, PA, Dallas News columnist Rod Dreher discovered that Schutze is, indeed, his brother from another mother -- at least when it comes to the city's clampdown on neighborhood farmers markets that have the audacity to compete with the city-owned market downtown. Wrote the Crunchy Con, "Jim Schutze drives me crazy, but when he's on, nobody can touch him."

And speaking of Dreher's farewell, over on Beliefnet today he bids adieu to the one thing he'll miss most about Dallas:

I want to mention one in particular, my favorite place in Dallas, a place I'm going to miss fiercely: Central Market, the location on Lovers Lane, at Greenville. It is without question the best supermarket I've ever been to. If you are a foodie in Dallas, this is your St. Peter's, your Hagia Sophia, your Mecca. When we left New York in 2003, Julie had come ahead to scout out the area for a house. She knew I was heartbroken over leaving Brooklyn, so she said the only thing she could that would cheer me up: "I've rented us a house close to Central Market." I knew about CM's reputation from having frequented the store in Austin on trips there; what I wasn't prepared for was how much better even the Dallas store is than the Austin one.

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