Seven-Plus Years After It Opened, Nasher Sculpture Center Celebrates One Millionth Visitor

From the day the Nasher Sculpture Center first opened its doors in October 2003, until 11 a.m. this morning, just under one million people had walked through its gates -- 104 less than a million, in fact.

As students from Stonewall Jackson Elementary filed in this morning, though, the museum celebrated the arrival of its one-millionth visitor, who turned out to be a fourth-grade art teacher, Cheri Flynn.

To celebrate the occasion, the museum offered free admission until 1 p.m.

Flynn, who is a regular visitor to the Nasher with her students, got a "million-minute membership" -- good for two years' free admission to the place -- and a few selections from the gift shop.

"It means I can come as often as I want," Flynn said, though she added she'd definitely bring her students along.

That's good because the actual millionth visitor appeared to have been the fourth-grader who walked just ahead of Flynn. Nasher spokeswoman Kristen Gibbins, said beforehand that if the milestone landed on a student, it'd be the student's teacher accepting the reward, standing for photographs, and dealing with the press.

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