SMU Cornerback Gets His Bell Rung

Last Sept. 12, SMU cornerback Derrius Bell suffered a concussion in a game at Alabama-Birmingham. Sidelined for three weeks, he returned against TCU and, on the game's first play, violently hit a Frog receiver after a reception.

The tackle forced a fumble, and gave Bell another concussion.

The end.

Bell, considered the Mustangs' best defensive back as spring practice opens, didn't play again last season. And now, after seeing a neurologist last week, he likely won't play football again.

We're getting better at taking care of ourselves. Seat belts. Vitamins. No more NFL players running around the field sans helmets.

But are we also getting wussier? There was a time when football players suffered concussions, and merely wobbled off the field while their teammates giggled that they got their bell rung.

Now, that bell tolls.

Troy Aikman retired after numerous concussions. Last year Martellus Bennett missed a couple games after a similar head injury. Tim Tebow's bounced brain was constantly in the news.

It feels like progress, what with the research of the brains of former NFL players Terry Long and Mike Webster and Andre Waters. But by becoming less violent, could football become less entertaining?

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