Josh Howard can't be all bad. Nor Hummer owners. Right?

Sympathy for the Devils?

So I’m at the Rangers' game yesterday afternoon and there’s a smattering of fans. The die-hards, let’s call them. One, in particular, caught my eye.

He was sitting down the first-base line, front row in shallow right field. With a glove on his hand and a red Rangers hat on his head, this guy was into it. I mean really into it.

Turning to the crowd and raising his arms for noise during a rally, mimicking an umpire punching out an A’s batter after a strikeout and literally running up and down the aisles and stands after every single Rangers’ run. All 14 of them.

I watched this guy through the binoculars just to make sure it wasn’t some David Blaine illusion. Initially, briefly, I was buoyed by his unbridled enthusiasm toward a singular sports outcome. But ultimately, quickly, I felt sad for him, as a sucker genuinely rooting for a team owned by Tom Hicks, pitched by an eternal collection of duds and destined to be happy with second place.

Then I pondered -- hey, it's a long drive to McKinney -- whom do I feel sorriest for: Hummer owners getting their vehicles keyed by lunatic old men, Josh Howard absorbing racial slurs for exercising his right to freedom of speech, or Rangers fans huffing and puffing on the treadmill to nowhere?

Help me out. Where do you direct your thimble of sympathy?

a) Hummer owners

b) Josh Howard

c) Rangers fans -- Richie Whitt

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