Texas Fight 16, Boomer Sooner 13. Yuck.

A tie may be like kissing your sister, but what Texas pulled off Saturday in the Cotton Bowl was akin to drunken, relapse sex with your ex.

Sloppy. Ugly. Guilty. But yet, in the end somehow satisfying.

A combined 29 points. Eight turnovers. Key plays made by two different No. 12s for the Longhorns. And the game-saving play was actually a tackle made by Texas quarterback Colt McCoy, after a brain-fart interception.

Even after a 16-13 escape over a Sam Bradford-less Oklahoma team - Karma. Toldja. - the Longhorns know this: Win and they're in.

Even though only three of the BCS' six computer polls rank Texas in the top five (stat geek Jeff Sagarin has them rated 15th), at No. 3 in the initial poll it knows that an undefeated season and a win in the Big 12 Championship Game means a trip to the National Championship Game. Florida and Alabama are ahead of Texas in the BCS, but they'll have to play each other in the SEC Championship Game.

Moral to the story ...

No undefeated team from a power conference has ever been supplanted by a 1-loss team from anywhere.

In a related story: Big Flop Bob strikes again.

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