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The Alleged Events Leading Up to Russ Martin's Arrest Friday Morning

As Richie's out of town, here's the latest on the Russ Martin arrest. The Dallas Morning News' Web site, in a story about a protective order issued against the Live 105.3 FM show host, offers only the Southlake Police Department's media advisory, which doesn't go into any detail at all. Meanwhile, Jay Gormley and the KTVT-Channel 11 Web site offer far, far more substance -- including the entire four-page arrest warrant affidavit, which goes into substantive detail concerning not only the arrest, but the alleged events of July 14 that lead to the Friday-morning arrest -- including mention of an Internal Revenue Service audit.

Indeed, it's the alleged audit that the the complainant says caused Martin to assault her; she alleges he pulled out chunks of her hair, kicked her in the left thigh and brandished a Glock. According to the affidavit, on July 14, Martin called the woman and asked if she had followed up about a package he sent to the IRS. When she told him she had not, the document says, he allegedly told her, among other things, "You better hide, because when I get there I'm going to beat the shit out of you." Martin has denied the allegations, and he appears to be taking the matter very lightly: Until it was altered this afternoon, his MySpace page featured his mug shot. --Robert Wilonsky

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Robert Wilonsky
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