The Top 10 Hottest TV Women in Dallas/Fort Worth: 5.11.10

Tony Romo, you've been warned.

In the spirit of the Sports Illustrated cover jinx, the first two winners of The Sportatorium's Hottest TV Women in the Metroplex are, um, gone. Yep, Erin Hawksworth (to Boston) and Megan Henderson (to L.A.) packed up and left.

Just like that.

Either I have really good taste or, more likely, I merely saw what everybody else did. Beauty. Sexuality. It.

So now, it's time for the girlfriend of the Dallas Cowboys' quarterback to take her crown and attempt to have some semblance of a lengthy era. Candice Crawford of Channel 33, you're on the clock.

And the throne.

With honorable mention nods to Channel 5 metereologist Tammy Dombeck, Channel 11 reporters Arezow Doost and Nerissa Knight, and Channel 4 metereologist Fiona Gorostiza, I present the hottest of the hot on our nightly boob tube ...

10. Gina Miller, Channel 11 sports anchor/reporter


9. Darla Miles, Channel 8 reporter


8. Susy Solis, Channel 5 reporter


7. Meredith Land, Channel 5 anchor


6. Shelly Slater, Channel 8 anchor


5. Kim Fischer, Channel 5 reporter


4. Karen Borta, Channell 11 anchor


3. Emily Jones, Fox Sports Southwest anchor/reporter


2. Lauren Przybyl, Channel 4 Good Day anchor


1. Candice Crawford, Channel 33 reporter.

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