The Top 10 Shows on the New ESPN/UT Network

Yesterday ESPN and Texas agree to a 20-year, $300 million deal to launch a 24-hour Longhorn network in September.

Planned programming includes sports, original series, studio shows, historical programming and academic and cultural events. More precisely ESPN/UT hopes to televise at least one exclusive football game, eight men's basketball games, women's basketball games and Olympic sports coverage.

Hmm. Got me to thinking about the most popular shows on the new network ...

10. Horny - Reality show details the romantic courtships and sexual conquests of bountiful, bovine mascot Bevo.

9. The Gene Chizik Show - Mack Brown hosts a weekly coaching show whose only guest is a coach who actually knows how to win a championship.

8. TexCess - Host Craig Way navigates viewers through a never-ending quest to determine whether the greatest UT athlete of all-time is Earl Campbell, Ricky Williams, Slater Martin, Kevin Durant, Ben Crenshaw, Johnny "Lam" Jones, Johnny "Ham" Jones or Taylor Teagarden.

7. Sixth Sense - From 2-3 a.m. each night, live cameras mounted along the corners on Austin's Sixth Street beam the drunken debauchery spilling from Austin's entertainment district.

6. UTMZ - Nightly flagship show features Longhorns' news 'n notes of the day anchored by Matthew McConaughey and Abe Lemons, accented with a Janis Joplin soundtrack and spiced with random, racy photos and videos of Farrah Fawcett, Jayne Mansfield and Renee Zellwegger.

5. Willie Nelson - Texas legend shows up everywhere else, why not here?

4. Orange You Scared? - Spine-tingling game show where brave contestants are dared to watch videos of Texas A&M yell practice, the 1966 Tower Shooting and last year's 34-12 home football loss to UCLA.

3. Royal Divinity - Weekly Sunday worship service is led -- strangely through archived game film of the Wishbone -- by iconic football coach Darrell Royal.

2. Burned Orange - Documentary follows fallen UT heroes such as Vince Young, Roger Clemens and Tom Hicks.

1. Roses Redux - As a network staple, Texas' 2006 Rose Bowl victory over Southern Cal is played in its entirety every night at midnight.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.