The Top 10 Sportiest American Holidays

Had a buddy yesterday gloat to me that Memorial Day Sunday is "one of the greatest sporting days of the year!"

To which I replied, "Huh?"

I remember a time when the Indianapolis 500 was must-see TV along with the Harlem Globetrotters, heavyweight boxing matches, Oklahoma-Nebraska football and NBA All-Star Saturday. Alas, those events long ago passed their prime. At this point they should be on the endangered species list, because they've gone the way of stewardesses, stationary and smoking.

Yesterday: relevant. Tomorrow: extinct.

Maybe it's just because I don't think drivers are athletes, but I no longer - despite Danica Patrick - make time for the Indy 500, much less the Coca-Cola 600. I know baseball has interleague play and NBA offers a marquee playoff game, but in the big picture I don't consider Memorial Day sports to be that, um, memorable.


10. Halloween - The air turns crisp and the NBA balls starting bouncing.

9. St. Patrick's Day - I've learned to enjoy drowning my March Madness bracket in vats of green beer.

8. Christmas - Some innocuous Hawaii bowl game is the appetizer for a delicious NBA showdown.

7. Memorial Day - NBA conference finals, interleague baseball and two of auto racing's biggest races.

6. New Year's Day - No. 1 for years before the BCS came and diluted college football's bowl season.

5. Fourth of July - Non-stop baseball and, if we're lucky, a World Cup soccer game and an intriguing Wimbledon final.

4. Super Bowl - Yes, thanks for noticing, it is its own holiday.

3. Labor Day - NFL's annual kickoff weekend and marquee college football games accented by U.S. Open tennis and baseball pennant races.

2. Father's Day - Nothing better than joining Pops in watching the pros struggle like hackers over 18 holes and six hours in the U.S. Open's final round.

1. Thanksgiving - Football. Food. Family. More Food. Cowboys. More Food. Less Family. More Football. More Food.

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Join the Observer community and help support independent local journalism in Dallas.