The Top 10 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Covers in the History of Ogling

Whether her name is Irina Shayk or Iwanna Shake, we've fallen for it again.

Every year I hear the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue is about to hit stands and my initial reaction is to yawn. We don't have harsh winters in Dallas plus, don't know if you've heard, but you can find women in any pose you desire on a thing called the Internet.

But then a blizzard(s) sweeps through North Texas, a Super Bowl slides on ice to disaster, there's a taste of 70-degree days and -- presto -- I'm craning my neck to see who's wearing what on the cover.

I canceled my subscription to SI when Rick Reilly jumped ship, but I'll admit it -- I'm a sucker for the swimsuit issue. Today's offering got me to thinking about two things:

*I'm pretty sure the SI cover jinx doesn't apply to scantily clad models. Christie Brinkley, Cheryl Tiegs, Kathy Ireland and Elle Macpherson all got career boosts from their cover shoots. Last year Brooklyn Decker parlayed her appearance into an engagement to tennis star Andy Roddick and a bikini role in Just Go With It. And Shayk, for what it's worth, dates European futbol star Cristiano Ronaldo, he of the immense talent and irritating dramatics.

*I wonder what a list of my all-time Top 10 covers would look like.

10. 1955 - Before there could be really good ones, there had to be a first one.


9. 1993 - Strong meets sexy in the form of Vendela.


8. 2007 - There's more to Beyonce than Foxxy Cleopatra.


7. 1997 - At the time, Tyra Banks was my perfect woman.


6. 2006 - Screw the pearly gates, I'd like this as a welcoming committee when I kick it.


5. 1980 - If I only had all the hours back that I spent staring at Christie Brinkley.


4. 1976 - Twiiiiiins!


3. 2009 - I'm still hoping convinced Bar Refaeli's bottoms are going to fall off at any second.


2. 1994 - Kathy Ireland, Elle Macpherson and Rachel Hunter = The Dream Team.


1. 1983 - Something about a smiling hottie in a wet, see-through swimsuit stands the test of time.

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