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The Top 5 Best Women's Sports ... For Spectators

Somehow I've taken some heat for this blog post from Monday, in which I admit to being initially skeptical about women's World Cup soccer but, in the end, apologizing to the sport and thanking the U.S. for the thrills and chills.

Guess I should expect it from a blog penned by some jealous feminist who conveniently, predictably leaves out the red meat of my offering. I can't be bothered by watching a game that, um, I just watched?


I watched the U.S. beat France Wednesday and if I make it home from flirting with and demeaning the cart girls on the golf course in time I'll check out their championship match against Japan Sunday afternoon.

Got me to thinking about women's sports in general. And on second thought, yes, I do like them.

In this order ...

Only because of Hope Solo, and the remote chance that a goal-scorer will rip her shirt off.


Beach volleyball -- If I have to explain this, perhaps you too are a feminist.

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