The Top 5 Greatest Games in the History of Dirk Nowitzki

For once and all, he pronounces it "No-WIT-skee." Has since the day he stepped off the plane from Germany back in 1998 and arrived at the Mavs' old practice facility at the Baylor-Tom Landry Center in Dallas.

You call him "No-VIT-skee"? He shrugs. Doesn't care.

Likewise, it doesn't bother him that his ESPN highlights -- 24 consecutive free throws -- are relatively boring. Doesn't care that critics still claim he's soft, still giggle at him for getting duped by that creepy ex-girlfriend a couple years ago or that his mentor is a German goofball named Holger.

His unique game is again producing uncanny results, this time on the national stage. Where does last night's performance on Dirk's all-time list of dominance?

5. May 12, 2001 -- Despite needing an IV to combat the flu and having a tooth knocked to the Reunion Arena floor by an errant Terry Porter elbow, scores 30 points and grabs 15 rebounds to help Dallas avoid a Spurs playoff sweep.

4. Nov. 3, 2009 -- Sets a franchise record with 29 of his total 40 points in the fourth quarter in crazy comeback win over the Jazz at AAC.

3. May 22, 2006 -- Caps 37-point, 15-rebound performance with crucial three-point play to force overtime in Game 7 of West Semis in San Antonio.

2. June 1, 2006 -- Fifty points, 12 rebounds in pivotal Game 5 of West Finals against Suns at AAC.

1. May 17, 2011 -- Forty-eight points on 24 of 24 free throws and only 15 shots in Game 1 win over the Thunder. One of the most efficient performances in NBA history.


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