Vote Early, Eat Often

I'm all about avoiding lines. I'll buy movie tickets online. Hell, I'll mail in checks that need depositing. Thus, you will most likely not see me on a certain Tuesday in November whipping some chad into shape. I might procrastinate on knitting holiday gifts and vacuuming, but I'm an early bird when it comes to voting.

My neighbor, a dedicated early voting clerk who actually took vacation from his regular job to work the polls, informed me that The Bradford Homesuites Lincoln Park (where he's assigned) offers a fully leaded assortment of breakfast items for their residents and guests, so I'll be trying to figure out how to fake out the desk clerk after I work my democratic rights electronically...but I digress.

For those of you who, like me, want to spend November 7 peacefully watching the mayhem instead of driving to that voting location in BFE (because you know you haven't updated your driver's license or voter registration in like, five years), here's a list of times and locations. --Merritt Martin


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