Wait, The Ticket Has Core Values?

I know. Too easy.

Actually, I'm not about to get all self-righteous and call 1310 AM The Ticket hypocritical. In fact, I'm shocked that producer/host Mike Bacsik's Twitter posts on Mavs-Spurs Game 4 warranted a suspension and not a gold star.

Not because they weren't, as the saying goes, hot sports opinions:

Congrats to all the dirty Mexicans in San Antonio.

i wonder how big Sterns cornhole is.

im done with this F'in league and I might be done at the ticket.

But in the it's-all-fun-n-games world of The Ticket, this seems like it wouldn't get Bacsik a penalty, but more so his own show. Right?

If Bacsik would have altered his voice only slightly and invented a character, he could have gone on the air with these rants to a round of guffaws and back-slapping. One of my fave shows on The Ticket is The Orphanage and I'll be damned if I don't hear more offensive, outlandish stuff in the first 10 minutes each Saturday.

And, yes, on a given weekday you can hear these recorded drops on The Ticket:

   (George Dunham, I think?) "I heard the Mexicans are dirty."

   (Mike Rhyner) "Truck full of Mexicans."

Bacsik, who has since invoked Jesus - surprise! - in his apology, is guilty of TWI: Tweeting While Intoxicated. With alcohol. Or anger. Or raw emotion. Whatever. Maybe not to this racial extent, but we've all been there.

Haven't we?

Funniest part of the story is the statement from KTCK and Cumulus Vice President and Market Manager Dan Bennett.

Mike Bacsik's comments were unacceptable and offensive, and are inconsistent with the core values of KTCK and Cumulus. We have made the decision to suspend Mr. Bacsik with the hope that he will take this time to consider the insensitive and hurtful nature of his comments.

Seriously, the day The Ticket starts having more core values and less insensitive comments is the day ESPN and The Fan might actually have a chance to dent its dynasty. After all, when Rhyner offers his daily reprisal of "they can't do what we do" isn't this exactly what he's talking about?

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