Weekend Photos: Cowboys with Bunnies, Cheerleaders and Dirtbikes, and Russ Martin Onstage

We've got a handful of photo sets up from the weekend that, even if they're not quite sports shots, are at least sports-related. Well, close enough they're worth a mention here in the Sportatorium.

First off, got to point out Mark Graham's batch of photos from the big deal at Russ Martin Automotive Saturday afternoon that Richie mentioned yesterday. You'll find more from the former Live 105.3 favorite onstage, and his loyalest of fans, in this slideshow.

Second, because we're all fans of freestyle motocross, we've got this look at the Red Bull X-Fighters contest at the Fort Worth Stockyards Saturyday night -- the global tour's only stop here in the states. We focused more on the crowd shots (OK, and the Cowboys cheerleaders), knowing full well the bike action would be well covered by the event's photographers out in the dirt.

Last of all, check out how Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin spent his bithday party Saturday night, at AMPM downtown. If you could care less about Austin, we might mentioned he was joined by a handful of Playboy bunnies. Always good to have a few of them along for your party.

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